The 2m PLA windturbine - Specifications

The 2m windturbine is a ‘proof of concept’, to prove that a windturbine with a wingspan of 2 meter and peak power of 500W can be 3D-printed with a household 3D-printer and PLA, one of the most used plastics for 3D-printing. The design is largely based on the 2F Ferrite Windturbine made by Hugh Piggot from Scoraig Wind. Find out more about the specifications below, or how to build it on the build page.

Full specifications

Operational data

  • Rated power:
  • Cut-in windspeed:
  • Cut-out windspeed:
  • Yearly energy production at mean wind speed of 4 m/s:
  • Yearly energy production at mean wind speed 5 m/s:
  • Filament:
  • Magnets:
  • Bearings:
  • Total price:

5 m/s
depending on safety system
6 x 1kg PLA
24 x ferrite 50x50x20mm C8 Grade 3
2 x FEBI 27163

Blade data

Each blade is devided into 5 parts so it can be printed with any 3D-printer. The total weight of one blade is 900g.

Generator data

Rotor and axle

The rotor is split into 8 parts so it can also be printed with a low-budget 3D-printer. The total weight of the rotor without the magnets is approximately 6kg. The axle fits a 20mm threaded rod so it can be mounted on any surface.

End result after removing the mould
  • Number of coils:
  • Wiring:
  • Wire thickness:
  • Wire total weight: 3,8kg
  • Resin:
  • Stator total dimensions:
    • Inner hole diameter:
    • Outer diameter:
    • Thickness:
  • Coil dimension:
    • Thickness:
    • Inner hole:
    • Outer dimension:
    • Number of turns:

3 x 3 coils in star
1l polyester- , vinyl- or epoxyresin


5 x 5cm
9 x 9cm