Putting the windturbine together

Set-up the axle

Print axle.stl that will serve as a holder for the bearings. The 20 mm rod that goes in it will do the heavy work.

Join the blades and the generator together

Assemble the blades and generator like shown. We ended up glueing the blades into place, because the holes we made for the bolts did for some reason not all line-up with eachother.

Try if the bearing fits. If not, make the gap a bit bigger with a soldering iron.

Installing the copper coils (stator)

Drill 4 holes in the stator and  screw some 8 or 10mm rods in them. After that, put the stator in between the magnets and secure the stator to the tower like you wish. Secure the magnets with the PLA-glue.

Do a test run!

Check if everything runs ok. You don’t want parts scraping against eachother. Also, check what voltage the windturbine produces. Around 15V in a gentle breeze should be ok.

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