Power to the people


What if windturbines could be easy? From Waste To Wind designs and builds the solution by offering a range of windturbines that are simple to set-up and maintain. Providing electricity day and night, they provide worry-free clean energy for your household. Through the open-source design, any spare part is accessible to 3D-print.

The Propel-E 450 and Propel-E 3000 shine in both on- and off-grid use whereas the Propel-E 50  is made for educational purposes.


With our windturbines, we reduce the waste problem step by step. Our windturbines are made from recycled plastics like PET or ASA.

We are also migrating away from rare-earth magnets towards ferrite magnets. The Propel-E 450 already uses this technology. In this way we reduce the need for poluting mining practices and unhealtht labor conditions.

gram rPET needed to print the Propel-E 450
days to print the Propel-E 450
gram ASA needed to print the Propel-E 50
days to print the Propel-E 3000



Through 3D-printing important components like our blades, we can further recude the total amount of material. It allows us to achieve a weight ratio of 0,45kg/liter, which makes us able to compete with lightweight wood like birch.

Furthermore, through making replacement parts open-source, 3D-printing enables you to repare your windturbine any place any time.

pet windturbine propeller with harbour in background